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Symptoms: symptoms are the most secere after the exercise or change of the environmental temperature (exit from the house during the winter months). Usually begins as the spasm coughing. Temperature can be slightly increased (fever). Cough may persist for the few days or few months. Usual sign also include dyspnea following the exercise.

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Symptoms: Fever is uncommon. Usually, only excessive salivation is the first sign, latter followed by short, soft cough, inapettence and fever. A suppurative exudate surrounds the tonsils which mey become reddened with small necrotic foci.  Continue reading “Tonsilitis” »


Symptoms: Acute sinusitis is characterised  by dyspnea, nasal discharge, respiratory stertor, sneezing, pawing the face or open mouth breathing. The nasal discharge is mucous and becomes purulent and mucoid as a result of the secondary bacterial infections. neezing is an attempt to clear the upper airways of discharge.  Open mouth breathing, stertor and dyspnea occur when the nasal passages are narrowed from inflamed mucosa and/or discharge. Continue reading “Sinusitis” »


Symptoms: First signs usually include lethargy, inapettence and fever. A deep cough is also present with progressive dyspnea, “blowing” of the lips (noted especially during exercise). Complications (Pleuritis, Mediastinitis) are also possible

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Allergic pneumonitis

Symptoms: chronic cough (mild to severe, productive or non-productive), dyspnea, exercise intolerance. Fever is usually absent.  Continue reading “Allergic pneumonitis” »


Symptoms: animal has a normal desire to eat and drink but has a difficulty in swallowing (expressed as inapettence). Some animals develop fever, excessive salivation and dry cough. Continue reading “Pharingitis” »

Diaphragmatic hernia

Symptoms: dyspnea (the degree may vary from weak to severe pending on the amount of herniated viscera), later body weight loss, discomfort and lethargy Continue reading “Diaphragmatic hernia” »

Aspiration pneumonia (Inhalation pneumonia, Foreign body pneumonia)

Symptoms: first sign is cough (productive or dry), accelerated pulse, dyspnea, discomfort and inapettence with pain. Later, lethargy develops followed by wheezing sounds during breathing. Continue reading “Aspiration pneumonia (Inhalation pneumonia, Foreign body pneumonia)” »

Mammary tumors

Symptoms: swelling and turgid of the mammary gland, latter discomfort, posterior mammary glands are involved more often. Tumours appear as single or multiple nodules, diameter 2 to30 cm in one or more glands. Non castrated bitches are the most usually affected. Continue reading “Mammary tumors” »


Symptoms: excessive urination (micturition), vulvar discharge, sometimes fever and lethargy or discomfort  Continue reading “Vaginitis” »