Symptoms: Acute sinusitis is characterised  by dyspnea, nasal discharge, respiratory stertor, sneezing, pawing the face or open mouth breathing. The nasal discharge is mucous and becomes purulent and mucoid as a result of the secondary bacterial infections. neezing is an attempt to clear the upper airways of discharge.  Open mouth breathing, stertor and dyspnea occur when the nasal passages are narrowed from inflamed mucosa and/or discharge.

Cause: The most common cause is viral infection (canine disptemper, canine adenovirus, canine parainfluenza). Bacterial infections are secondary complication. It can results when apical tooth root abscess into the maxillary recess.

Duration: few days

First aid: rest in warm and dry environment

Urgency: one to three days

Prevention: none

Treatment: antimicrobial therapy, mucosal adstringent, soft palatable diet

Therapy success: 70 to 100%

Convalescence: few days to few weeks