Symptoms: symptoms are the most secere after the exercise or change of the environmental temperature (exit from the house during the winter months). Usually begins as the spasm coughing. Temperature can be slightly increased (fever). Cough may persist for the few days or few months. Usual sign also include dyspnea following the exercise. 

Cause: Acute or chronic inflammation of the bronchial or tracheal airways. It can be primary or secondary or may extend from the bronchioles to the lungs parenchym. It is the most often secondary to the viral infection or parasites. Also, smoke aspiration, chemical fumes and allergic can lead to tracheobronchitis occurence. Chronic tracheobronchitis more often affects small breeds and is characterised by the cough that persists for two or more months.

Duration: few days to few months

First aid: rest in warm and dry environment, proper hygiene, expectorans or antitusics (containing codeine)

Urgency: few days

Prevention: none

 Treatment: antimicrobial therapy, antitusics or expectorans, soft palatable diet, rest, warmth, hygiene

Therapy success: up to 100%

Convalescence: few days to weeks