Diaphragmatic hernia

Symptoms: dyspnea (the degree may vary from weak to severe pending on the amount of herniated viscera), later body weight loss, discomfort and lethargy

Mammary tumors

Symptoms: swelling and turgid of the mammary gland, latter discomfort, posterior mammary glands are involved more often. Tumours appear as single or multiple nodules, diameter 2 to 30 cm in one or more glands. Non castrated bitches are the most usually affected.


Symptoms: excessive urination (micturition), vulvar discharge, sometimes fever and lethargy or discomfort 


Symptoms: strong abdominal contractions for 2 to 3 hr without passage of a puppy, active labor for 2 to 3 hr without delivery, discomfort, obvious pain at the end of gestation, black or hemorrhagic vaginal discharge, prolonged gestation

Elbow dysplasia

Symptoms: lameness, pain, discomfort, limb deformities, usually develops between 4 and 8 months of age