Symptoms: Fever is uncommon. Usually, only excessive salivation is the first sign, latter followed by short, soft cough, inapettence and fever. A suppurative exudate surrounds the tonsils which may become reddened with small necrotic foci. 


Symptoms: First signs usually include lethargy, inapettence and fever. A deep cough is also present with progressive dyspnea, “blowing” of the lips (noted especially during exercise). Complications (Pleuritis, Mediastinitis) are also possible


Symptoms: animal has a normal desire to eat and drink but has a difficulty in swallowing (expressed as inapettence). Some animals develop fever, excessive salivation and dry cough.

Sun stroke (Insulation)

Symptoms: hot and dry skin, elevated body temperature (fever – above 105.8°F/41°C or higher), inapettence, nausea, tremor, weakness, collapse, unconsciousness, increased respiratory rate, fast pulse, sometimes convulsions


Symptoms: The acute disease runs a course of less than 1 week. The first sign is fever (above 105.8°F/41°C or higher), inapettence, increased respiratory rate, muscle tremor, anaemia, jaundice, tremor, hemoglobinuria or light to dark brown urine. Parasite “lives” in the red blood corpuscles (erythrocytes) with final destruction of them.